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A complete X-Ray Suite to meet your needs and exceed expectations

If your practice needs a scalable digital X-ray suite for
inpatient and outpatient imaging, we can help you step up your imaging. Deliver innovative image processing and high-sensitivity
image acquisition technologies to your patient exams. We can outfit departments and practices of all sizes - providing affordability and versatility without compromise.

True Customization

The FDR Clinica X and FDR Clinica X OTC Suite are scalable digital x-ray suite options for hospital radiology and outpatient imaging departments of all sizes, providing affordability and versatility without compromise. Step up your imaging to deliver Fujifilm’s innovative image processing and high-sensitivity image acquisition technologies to your patient exams.

The system and its generator controls are fully integrated with Fujifilm’s FDX Console PLUS technologist workstation and lightweight, durable and dose-efficient FDR DEVO II, III, and FDR ES detectors.


Ceiling Suspended Tube Stand

With easy articulation and a rotating display, the Ceiling Suspended Tube Stand System Configuration has a tube that extends as much as 63 in. from the ceiling. Optional automated tube height tracking, collimation, and centering with the height of the upright or table, eliminates workflow steps to speed exams. Give the technologist the tech so they can focus on the patient.

Floor Stand System

Full-featured solutions for tight spaces, lower room preparation costs, and limited building power requirements. Multi-function stand and table supporting efficient workflow FDX Console PLUS with integrated generator control optimizes workflow and simplifies image quality.

Clean, ergonomic design provides easy workflow and positioning. The system features Fujifilm’s SpeedLink, 2-way dose communication which intelligently automates preferred techniques and optimizes dose-saving characteristics of our latest detector technologies to the exam selected.
Simplify technologist workflow with touch display at the tube and ergonomic single grip all-free release handles on the overhead system and easy-to-reach single button release on the premium floor mounted system, allowing fast and precise tube articulation.


Chest Stand with Automatic Tilting

Automatic and manual tilting upright bucky stands are optionally available. Simplifying positioning for technologists and improving exam comfort for seated patients or patients in wheelchairs.
Note: Tilting chest stand (and tube head touch display) is required for Auto Collimation and Auto Tube tracking functions. Fixed or tilting stand and single-hand adjustable tray fits up to 17x17” or rotating 14x17” tray available options.

Elevating Patient Table

Elevating Patient Table comes with features such as a 4-way float top and adjustable height simplifies patient comfort with low comfortable access on and off of the table. The table has a heavy-duty weight limit of 661 lbs. (300 kg) 86.6(W)x31.9(L)x1.8(H) inch top with flat edges, +/-20 ̋ Longitudinal & +/-5 ̋ Lateral travel.  ̃22-33 ̋

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